Where are the masks made?
All masks are designed in Canada but are manufactured in China while we aim to find a local supplier with the ability to meet the country's current demand for masks. 

What materials are used?
All masks are made of three layers. The exterior layer with the artist's design is made of 100% pure polyester. Underneath, the inner layer and the lining are both made of 100% pure cotton. A filter can be placed between the inner layer and lining.  

Are their different sizes?
We sell in two sizes; adults and kids.

How are artists compensated?
All artists receive royalties for each sale. These are paid directly to them to support their work and their community. 

What charitable causes do you support?
We have thus far donated 100% of all profits to Indspire. Moving forward we are looking at donating a smaller share of the profits to numerous different indigenous charities while retaining some profits to grow our business and pay our staff. Our goal is to ensure that all profits are reinvested in people, growth or the community each year with no profits retained for the business. 

If there is a specific cause you would like us to support please submit your recommendation here.